Vintage Bird Buyer's Checklist
Vintage Bird Buyer's Checklist Check Remarks
Over All Appearance 
    Paint Condition 
    Chrome Condition/Bumpers 
    Outside Rearview Mirrors 
    Main Awning 
    Window Awning 
    Open all Exterior Compartments 
    Interior Rugs 
    Interior Upholstery 
    Interior Wood 
    Interior Counters 
    Interior Compartments 
    Interior Closets 
    Main Door/Screen door/Closure System 
    Vinyl Stripping Condition 
Motor on Checks 
    Check Eng Oil,Transmission Oil 
    Check Power Steering Oil 
    Eng Hour Meter Gauge 
    Eng Amp Meter Gauge 
    Eng Oil Pressure Gauge 
    Eng Water Temp Gauge 
    Fuel Level Gauge 
    Low Air Indicator 
    Air Pressure Front Gauge 
    Air Pressure Rear Gauge 
    Eng Alarm Indicator 
    Hand Throttle Control 
    Eng RPM Gauge 
    Accessory Warning Indicators 
    Fuel Monitor Indicators 
    Filter Element Gauge Racor Suspension Air Dump Switch 
    Wheel Tilt Switch 
    Driver Seat Controls 
    Passenger Seat Controls 
    Safe Line Alarm - Shore Line Connect 
    Eng Volt Meter Gauge 
Outside Checks  
    Turn Indicator Inside/Front 
    Headlights Low/High 
    High Beam Indicator 
    Driving Lights 
    Marker Lights Front 
    Front Landing Lights/Lens 
    Turn Indicators Rear 
    Parking Lights Rear 
    Marking Lights Rear 
    Landing Lights Rear 
    Compartment Lights Master Switch Compartment Doors Switch 
    Entry Door Switch 
    Dash Lights Dimmer 
    Emergency Flasher 
    Spot Light Speed-Selector Direction 
    Leveling System Indicators 
    Leveling Warning System Indicator 
    Extend and Retract each Leveler 
    Regular Horn - Air Horn 
    Musical Horn 
    Auxiliary Step Switch (2) 
    Burglar Alarm Switch (Dash) 
    Burgular Alarm Switch (Key) 
    House Battery Condition 
    Swing Radiator
Driving Checks 
    Speedometer - Odometer 
    Parking Brake 
    Radar Detector 
    Close Circuit TV System 
    Cruise Control 
    Jake Brake Operation 
    Shocks Air Bag Condition 
    Wiper Blades Condition 
Generator Checks  
    Gen - Make and Model 
    Engine, Diesel or Gas 
    Gen Hours 
    Turn on Generator Front/Rear switch 
    Gen Volt Meter Gauge 
    Gen Water Temp Gauge 
    Gen Hour Meter Gauge 
    Gen Oil Pressure Gauge 
    Extend & Retract Generator 
    Check Gen Oil at Dipstick 
    Run Check Roof Air Conditioners 
    Check Power Line Monitors 
    Gen Battery Condition 
    Generator Service Manual 
Inside Checks 
    A/T Switch 
    Left Wiper 
    Right Wiper 
    Intermittent Wiper Control 
    Windshield Washer 
    Aux Battery Switch 
    Front Heat Switch 
    Right Hand Front Heat Fan 
    Left Hand Front Heat Fan 
    Aux Pump Switch 
    Digital Clock/Elapsed Time 
    Defrost Fan 
    RH Air Conditioner 
    Fan LH Air Conditioner Fan 
    Air Conditioner Temp Control 
    CB Radio/Public Address Function 
    AM-FM Radio & Cassette 
    Volt Master Switch (12 Volt Master) 
    TV Antenna 
    Antenna lift, lift warning lite & buzzer 
    TV Receiver VHF & UHF 
    Refrigerator AC/Gas 
    Ice Maker 
    Ready Line 
    Gas Range 
    Oven / Microwave 
    Water Pump 
    Roof Vents & Fans (Lid/Light) 
    Hot Air Furnaces (3) 
    Roof / Central Air conditioners 
    Hot Water Heater & Instant Hot 
    System Monitoring & Control Panels 
    Thermometer & Clock 
    Tank Monitors 
    Propane Monitor 
    Refrigerator Fan Switch 
    AC Power Selector Switch 
    Electric Door Chime 
    Intercom System 
    Interior Lights 
    Toilet Operation 
    Central Vac System 
    Digitell System 
    Nutone Power Station 
    Nutone Accessories 
Equipment Check 
    Front Bug Screens (3) 
    Air Hose & Gauge 
    50 Amp Line 
    30 Amp Line 
    Adapter for 2-30 Amp Lines 
    20 Amp Adapter 
    Cover for Gas Range 
    Central Vac Hoses 
    Fire Extinguisher inside/outside 
    AC Wall Outlets 
    Sewer Hose & Connector 
    Windshield Glass condition 
    All Windows on Side & Back 
    All Screens 
    Air Dryer functioning 
    Service or Repair logs 
    Last Oil Change 
    Last Lube 
    Valves Adjusted 
    Spare Filters: 
    Any Spare Parts 
    Tire Size - Wear 
    Spare tire Spare wheel 
    Barbeque & hoses
After Market Add on's:  
    Macerater Pump 
    115 volt Inverter 
    Solar charge system 
    Satellite Dish 
    Storage Pods 
    Kool-a-matic or Fantastik fans 
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