Vintage Birds Chapter of FMCA

In December of 1984, the Vintage Birds Chapter of the FMCA was chartered for owners of older (Vintage) Blue Bird Wanderlodge coaches. 

To be eligible for membership, you must first be a member in good standingof FMCA. Then you must own a Blue Bird Wanderlodge five or more years old.For example, in 1997, a 1992 coach makes you eligible. If after joiningthe Chapter should you purchase a later model Blue Bird (Wanderlodge orBMC), you may continue your membership in the Vintage Birds Chapter. 

The purpose of the Chapter is to: 

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning the maintenance and/ormodification of Blue Bird Wanderlodge coaches
  • Provide fellowship among the owners
  • Provide interesting and affordable rallies
  • Publish a newsletter for the purpose of providing Chapter, social and technicalinformation / data on Blue Bird Wanderlodge or BMC coaches.

If you are interested in joining the Vintage Birds chapter Click Here for an application form which you may print out and send to our treasurer.

On Top Of Old Bluebird
(To the tune of "On top of old Smoky")

We drive an old bluebird, it gives us a thrill
To watch the trucks pass us when we're going uphill.

We love out old bluebirds, there're dear to our heart
Sometimes when it's cold out they won't even start.

They may not be fancy, they may not be new
And thought they are bluebirds, they may not be blue.

We've been to Wyoming, we're going to nome
We've been to Missouri, we never stay home.

We go to our rallies to meet our old pals.
We can't wait to see them, those great guys and gals.

When we get together the fun never ends
With laughter and sharing and making new friends.

Yes, we love our old Bluebirds too deeply for words
We're proud to be known as those Old Vintage Birds

. by Jean Steltz VB #375